Steel Demolition Contractors

Demolition of Steel Structures & Steel Removal Services in South Africa

As the name suggests, machines are used, the size of which depends on the work to be performed. Excavators originally designed for quarrying or earth moving are being adapted for demolition purposes and equipped with special tools. There is a wide range of tools to choose from, including concrete crushers and chisels, steel structure shears, and hydraulic hammers to break almost anything. The claws are used to manipulate all types of material.

The advantages of the machines are not only the speed and precision achieved but also the safety provided by the distance of the workers from the work area. In our fleet, we have excavators ranging from 20 tons to 120 tons. All of these require a variety of demolition tools as well as the availability of their digging buckets. Tool changes can be easily performed on-site, increasing the versatility of the machine.

We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and are fully managed by our experienced and certified explosives engineer. Optimized hybrid demolition methods are developed using a range of techniques specific to the project, taking into account all external and structural factors.

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