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Demolition Of Buildings

Our experts consider several factors when deciding how to demolish a building. Among other things, we consider the area in which the building is located, the primary construction materials, the purpose of the demolition and the disposal of the rubble. Demolition methods can range from a devastating explosion to careful dismantling piece by piece, but in a crowded urban environment, every technique must be safe for the demolition crew and the surrounding buildings and public areas.


Implosion is by far the most dramatic way to destroy a building. It involves the use of explosives to collapse the primary vertical supports of a building, causing the building to collapse in on itself from the inside out. The position of explosive charges and the order of detonation are crucial for a successful and safe detonation. Implosion is often used to destroy large structures in urban areas.

For a successful demolition, blasting teams review a complete set of structural plans to identify key building components and determine if areas other than those identified in the plans require demolition.They then determine the type of explosives to use, where they will be placed in the building, and how their detonation will be timed.

High Reach Arm

Powerful arm demolition is an alternative to implosion and is generally used on buildings taller than 20 meters. In this method, a base machine, such as an excavator, is fitted with a long, three-section demolition arm or telescopic boom. Attached to the end of the arm is a demolition tool such as a grinder, scissors, or a hammer, which is used to demolish the building from top to bottom. The machine removes large parts from the frame, and a dedicated maintenance team disassembles and sorts the parts for disposal.

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