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Plant hire in Johannesburg - Earth Moving Equipment.The best 10 Earthmoving Equipment - Hire 2021.Earthmoving Equipment Rentals.Heavy Earth Moving Equipment.Earthmoving Equipment Hire - Excavators.Earthmoving Equipment Hire in Midrand, South Africa.Front End Loaders Available - Front End Loaders.Used for construction projects that involve digging, pushing, and transporting soil, earthmoving equipment has several attachments that perform precise functions. It should be noted that a trained and licensed operator may be required for larger earthmoving equipment.

Types of Earthmovers

  • Bulldozer: This earthmover has a shovel-like blade affixed to the front that pushes soil. These machines can move large amounts of earth over tough terrain

  • Excavator: This type of earthmover digs deep into the ground to move soil. Its scoop, or arm, is attached to a cab that pivots

  • Loader: This earthmover features a shovel at the front to shift soil. Loaders are usually used for smaller jobs in tighter spaces and may also feature buckets in the rear for digging

  • Motor grader: A motor grader is used to grade and move small amounts of soil. A motor grader is commonly used when preparing a flat surface

  • Trencher: A trencher uses a bucket to dig trenches. Different digging functions are usually available to suit the job required

Uses for Earthmovers

Earthmovers are often used in mining and on construction sites. When land needs to be prepared for building structures, several earthmovers are typically used to shift soil out of the way. Some earthmovers have specific functions. For example, a trencher is most commonly used to prepare trenches before installing pipes, while motor graders are usually employed to flatten a surface before laying asphalt. If you need help moving soil quickly and efficiently, earthmovers can help you get this job done. Turn  to select the right earthmover for your needs.