Concrete Demolishion Contractors

Demolishers of Concrete Structures & Concrete Removal Services in South Africa.

Qualified professionals African Demolition Contractor Concrete elements can be cut with a saw, heated lance (in the presence of rebar) or high-velocity water jets. The pieces of concrete are then removed with an excavator, allowing for the complete demolition of a structure with little noise and dust and minimal impact on the surrounding area.

At Africa Demolition Contractor we have been a 100% black owned drilling contractor since 2000. We offer a wide range of cutting and drilling services. Based in South Africa we also offer engineering services such as core cutting, concrete cutting, drilling, demolition and chemical and anchor bolting.We provide these services using the latest technology and we continue to strive for excellence. The engineering services provided are highly appreciated by our clients for their consistency, speed, profitability and timely fulfillment.

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