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Africa Demolition contractor, decommissioning & remediation experts is one of the SA’s leading Demolisher & Dismantling superior demolition contractor - midrand affordable demolishers Sandton,Pretoria ,Johannesburg South Africa, with an international reputation for, Quality, Innovation, Health and Safety, the business has built up its reputation on repeat business and strong business relationships operating across a broad range of sectors. South Africa Demolition Company offers extensive specialist services nationally and internationally, ranging from credit jobs to multi-million Rand projects.

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SA's top demolition contractor, cutting-edge demolition equipment, handling projects of all scales and complexity levels,With a fleet of efficient machines, well trained staffs, we love to complete the job in the quickest time & within the budget.

Africa Demolition Contractor Tshwane Pretoria South Africa, Highly Qualified Team of Experts Decades of Experience in the Demolishing industry, destroying old structures is just as important as building new ones. Superior Demolisher Services tears down anything from high-rise apartment mines, quarries buildings to bridges or factories. Building Demolition Service includes blasting, which is the use of explosives, and wrecking with the use of machinery and equipment.

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A quality-conscious salvage & deconstruction contractor known for finishing the job to the perfection. We cater to manufacturing, construction, mining & quarrying industries,handling projects of all scales and complexity levels,

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We cater an excellent service for all types of demolition works like ecological demolition, building demolition, industrial demolishing, building dismantling, building demolition, Mine Demolishers and industrial demolition. We are dedicated in internal and external demolition, business, industrial and housing structures, Construction & industrial units, high rises, workplace dividing walls, smoke stacks and boiler dismantling, irrigate tanks/towers, rafts and reservoir, road and rail network, tunnels and bridges, excepting this, we offered services for mass concrete taking away, stone removal, mechanical demolition, turnkey demolition, ground works and dismantling in South Africa, We also provide services for urgent situation demolition like building failure works, earthquake injured society, industrial explosions and fire damaged structures.

We Are Level 1 BEE Compliant.

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