Steel Plant Demolition & Dismantling


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As the name implies, this uses machinery, the size of which depends on the job in hand. Excavators originally designed for quarrying or earthworks are adapted for use in demolition and fitted with specialized tools. There is a wide range of tools to choose from which includes crushing jaws and nibblers for concrete, shears for steelwork and hydraulic hammers for breaking up almost anything. Grapples are used for handling all types of material.

The advantages of the machinery are not only the speed and precision achieved but also the safety that is given by keeping hand labour away from the area being worked on.

Within our fleet we have excavators ranging from 20 tonne weight to 120 tonnes. All of these will take a variety of demolition tools as well as having their digging buckets available. Changing the tools is easily done on site, adding to the machines versatility.

We adhere to all legislative and regulatory requirements, and are fully managed by our certified and experienced explosive’s engineer. Optimised hybrid demolition methodologies are devised using a range of techniques specifically tailored to the project, taking all external and structural factors into consideration.

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