Salvage and Deconstruction

Salvage & Deconstruction Contractor,Northern Region (Gauteng, Mpumalanga, most of North West, Limpopo)

If you have any excess new or second material, you can contact Africa Demolition Contractor or send us an email to request that one of our salvage agents (FREE OF CHARGE) can view the items you want to sell. Our salvage agent will contact you at their earliest convenience to arrange a meeting on site / at home, mines, industrial buildings, steel structures and they are required to identify all material with salvage potential.We pay cash for all salvageable material
A quality-conscious salvage & deconstruction contractor known for finishing the job to the perfection. We cater to manufacturing, construction, mining & quarrying industries, etc. but no job is either too small or big for us.
If our proposal does not fit your needs, there is no obligation to accept the purchase offer. However, should you accept the purchase offer; the salvage agent will contact you to make arrangements for the collection of the salvageable materials. We provide collection services for qualifying items sufficient values, quantity and condition..
Reusing material will prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and will reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage and lower greenhouse gas in processing new materials.
Africa Demolition Contractor Central Region (Northern Cape and Free State).
Africa Demolition Contractor Western Region (Western Cape and western part of Northern Cape).
Africa Demolition Contractor Southern Region (Eastern Cape, eastern parts of Western Cape).
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